This is the first posting of a blog for WNYSORC. Not sure what we are going to discuss here as this is uncharted territory for me.

At the recent meeting of WNYSORC a motion was brought forward to re-evaluate close spacing between repeaters within our service areas. In essence, close spacing of less than 100 miles could be possible due to topographic protection between repeaters. For instance, when going over water we drop the distance in half due to effect of signal over water (100 miles becomes 50 miles). But then their might be geographic impediments, like a ridge, between the 2 repeaters.

It was suggested that, if some sort of geographic protection be in place then the requester do a propagation study between the 2. If at that point in time, if it looks like it would not be an interference issue by the average user, then the possibility of a waiver could be discussed, and the second repeater allowed with a waiver. The first repeater owner would have 1 year to to disallow the second repeater due to interference. The frequency co-ordinator would provide the necessary information for the first repeater to the requester of the short spaced repeater.

Also, something to think about. What constitutes Repeater Interference? I think a discussion on that needs to happen.

Eric – ve3ei, co-sponsor of short-spaced repeater co-ordination motion.